NMBE U Online Lessons

Purposes, Types and Educational Uses of MCQ Examinations

Lesson Objectives

  1. Describe what information is best captured by a multiple-choice question (MCQ).
  2. List four types of MCQ examinations.
  3. Explain the different uses for each type of test.
  4. Describe the inferences that can be supported based on the type of test.

Suggested NBME U Companion Courses

  • Incorporating Graphics and Multimedia into MCQs
  • Item Analysis and Key Validation
  • MCQ Flaws and How to Avoid Them
  • Setting Pass/Fail Standards
  • Strategies for Organizing Question Writing and Review
  • Structuring Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Writing MCQs to Assess Application of Basic Science Knowledge
  • Writing MCQs to Assess Application of Clinical Science Knowledge
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